Sunday, 16 September 2012

Do you know how to make a flower using your Washi Tape?

The flower on this card has been made using Washi tape. To make a flower this size, cut a strip of ribbon 4 1/2" long. (For other sizes the ribbon is about 4 times the widest part of the finished flower). Adhere Washi tape along one edge of the ribbon about 3mm in from ribbon edge. Tuck under the first 1/4" of taped ribbon then pleat 1/2" lengths of the Washi tape in under this 1/4" flap. If you are not happy with your first go, gently pull the tape back out and repeat. Adhere a triangle of Washi tape into the centre of the flower then pierce with a hole reamer and insert a split pin. (On this card the pin goes through the acetate and darker yellow layer).

To make the card adhere the darker yellow rectangle to the card base.  Adhere a length of Washi Tape across the base and insert eyelets. Stamp a flower stem onto acetate/clear film using Staz On and make the flower using the instructions above.

Don't forget to bring in your Washi Tape flower cards to show us what you have created. You know we love to see what you get up to at home.

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