Saturday, 16 February 2013

Spectrum Noir demonstrations

Have you ever wondered what we do at one of our demonstrations?

Here is the table and teaching area set up for when we did a Spectrum Noir demonstration in December

The Spectrum Noir pens are alcohol based markers that we use to colour in stamped and digital images with. 

For the demo we had a heap of stamped images coloured in to give you an idea of what the Spectrum Pens look like when you use them.

 We also had colour swatches made up so you can see all of the colours in the collection There are 168 colours in the complete collection. 

During the demo sessions Jill works at the table colouring with the pens. Customers wonder in during the demo times and have a look at Jill using the product and what she had made with it.

The demos are a fantastic way to see how a product works and to see the whole range of product available.

Here are some samples that Jill coloured in on the day.


  1. Fabulous images and Beautiful coloring Jill..Loz

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