Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Male cards

Here is a collection of some of the cards that are featured on our male card display. This display will stay up until Father's Day and has cards for men, teens and boys. Some of the cards below have been recently made while others are some of your favourites from the past. 
There are 17 brand new cards that were made over the past 2 weeks also on the display. 
Make sure you pop in to check them out.
This display will be added to each week with more great ideas that you can use when making cards for the males in your life.


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  2. Hi Natalie

    I love the cards. Can you tell me how you get the silver outline on the plane and motorbike? I’d come in and chat in person, but Hobart to Perth is a bit far to go!



  3. Hi Karin, I guess you are a bit far away to drop in these days. I hope you are still able to find some craft time and some great craft shops over there in Tassie. The silver outline of the plane and motorbike are stickers. Do you remember the gold and silver stickers we always had in the shop. Probably mostly wording when you were here. Now we get a lot of images. Hopefully you can find some over there as well. Take care.

  4. Fantastic Mens cards..Loz