Thursday, 21 June 2012

Madame Boutique

Recently we made up this gorgeous display featuring Madame Boutique from Kaiser. 
We used the 6" paper pad, flourish dress forms, the collectables (printed die-cuts) , rhinestone flourishes, pearl flourishes, pearls and gold foil board to create the cards. 
The first card was my favourite as well as the customers as so many went home and made more dress forms with dresses on them.
Keep reading down below for the instructions on how to made the dress.

1. Trace the outline of the upper body part of the Kaiser wooden dress form onto the back of the Alphabet print. Cut out. Trace a curve (I used the inside of my roll of double sided tape) for the neckline of the dress. Cut along curve and brush with the edge of the Adirondack Espresso ink pad.
2. Adhere top of dress to the dress form.
3. Working on the back of the larger piece (6.0" x 4.0") of the Alphabet print, have a 6” edge facing you. Make pencil marks along the top edge at 2 ¼”, 2 ¾”, 3.0”, 3 ¼”, and  3 ¾”.
4. Make pencil marks along the bottom edge at ¼”, ¾”, 1.0”, 5.0”, 5 ¼” and 5 ¾”.
5. Draw pencil lines from the bottom ¼” mark to the top 2 ¼” mark, from the bottom ¾” mark to the top 2 ¾” mark, from the bottom 1” mark to the top 3” mark, from the bottom 5” mark also to the top 3” mark, from the bottom 5 ¼” mark to the top 3 ¼”, and from the bottom 5 ¾” to the top 3 ¾”.
6.  Score and fold along each line. Looking from the from of the ‘skirt’ the fold coming up to the centre are mountain folds, the folds either side of these are valley and the folds at the outsides are mountain. Sharpen folds and trim excess paper away. (I trimmed away from about ¼” out from the outside folds and tidied top.)
7. Make a pencil mark 3.0” down from the centre point of the skirt. Use a dinner plate to draw a curve around this mark for the bottom of the dress. Cut along line.
8. Adhere waist of skirt to dress form and mount the lower edge of the dress to the card/dress form.
9. Adhere the middle of the ribbon behind the dress form and tie a knot at the front.
10. Use narrow double-sided tape to adhere the upper 2” or so of ribbon to dress as shown. Trim to skirt length.

All items used on these cards are available at Crafty Capers
If you are local why not pop in for a look.

See you at Crafty Capers!!!!

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